Student Achievements

Summer online Trinity Assessments

I am proud that 8 years after my first Grade 8 student I still have a 100% Distinction Pass rate at Grade 8 and Diploma Level (7 Grade 8 violins, 1 Grade 8 viola, one ARSM Diploma, One ATCL Diploma and 1 Army School of Music Diploma)
Grade 8 100% age 11 66 out of 66 
Grade 7 90% age 15 60 out of 66

Easter 2020

We managed to get some exams in just pre lock down

Grade 2 3 x Distinctions and 1 x Merit ages 8 and 9. 
Grade 4 Merit age 11

Summer 2018

2nd Prize gained in Cambridge University College Music Competition 19 years old
Distinction gained in ARSM Diploma 17 years old
Grade 5 Merit 125 12 years old
Grade 5 Distinction 137 10 years old
Grade 4 Merit 124 10 years old
Grade 6 127 Merit 15 years old

Spring 2018

Grade one 118 Pass. 7 years old
Grade 4 127 merit 10 years old

Winter 2018

Grade 4 122 Merit 9 years old

Summer 2017

First violin place gained in the National Youth Orceshtra
I am proud to keep my 100% record of all my students who have taken their Grade 8 exam have Passed with        Distinction 
Grade 8 Distinction 131 ABRSM (17 years old)
Two places gained at Junior Royal College 
Two places gained at the Royal Academy Junior Department
One place gained at Junior Trinity College of Music
Three Grade 3 Merits (11,12 and 14 years old)
Grade 6 Merit Viola (15 years old)

Winter Term 2016

Three students gained places in prestigious orchestras:
National Childrens Orchestra 
National Youth String Orchestra (senior)
National Youth String Orchestra (intermediate)

First place gained in the Concerto Class at the Maidstone Music Festival 

A place gained at the Royal Academy of Music Junior Department

Summer Term

Grade 2 Distinction 139 (7 years old)
Grade 2 135 Distinction (12 years old)
2016: places gained at Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Trinity College of Music, Royal College and 
Royal Academy of Music Junior departments. 

Spring 2016

Grade 7 Distinction 139 (12 years old)
Grade 8 Distinction 138 (Junior Trinity Class 15 years old)
Grade 5 Pass 116 (13 years old)
Grade 2 Merit Distinction 128 (12 years old)

Gold Medal and First Prize in the Northwood Music Festival under 15 class playing Bruch Violin Concerto 1st 

A place gained in the 'National Children's Orchestra' under 12 years old category from my Junior Trinity Class.

Autumn 2015

Grade 2 Merit 122,127 (10 and 13 years old)
Grade 5 Distinction 139 (9 years old)
Grade 5 Merit 127 (13 years old)
Grade 8 Distinction 136 (16 years old, Junior Trinity Class)

Summer 2015

Grade 8 Distinction, 138 (Junior Trinity class 15 years old)
Grade 3 Pass (7 years old) 
Grade 2 Merit (8 years old)
Grade 4 Merit (10 years old)

Following a successful audition a students from my Junior Trinity class gained a place on the "Awards for Young Musicians" scheme.

Spring 2015 exams results of my Junior Trinity Class.

Grade 7 Merit and Distinction (13 and 14 years respectively)
Grade 8 Distinction (Junior Trinity class 13 years) 
Diploma ATCL Distinction 91% (Junior Trinity class 17 years)

2015 so far has seen my Junior Trinity class gain places to study violin at Trinity Laban Conservatiore of Music and Dance on the Bachelor of Music Course, Composition at the Royal Academy of Music at undergraduate level and places at the specialist music schools Chetham's and Purcell School. Another very special highlight was one of my private studio students taking part in a concert conducted by Sir Simon Rattle at the Royal Festival Hall. An excerpt of this performance was televised by BBC Television.

November 2014 saw my studio concert take place for the first time at the fantastic location of All Saints Church, Blackheath.

Winter 2014 exams

Grade 5 Merit (12 years old) has just created a Facebook page where latest new, resources and videos and student video performances can be viewed. 

Summer 2014 exams.

Grade 1: Distinction (8 years old)
Grade 2: Merit and two Distinctions (9 and 11 years old)
Grade 3: Two Distinctions, 138 and 132 (8 and 9 years old)
Grade 8: Distinction (13 years old from my Junior Trinity Class)

Spring 2014 Exams

Grade 5 Distinction (14 years)
Grade 3 Merit (11 years)

Nicholas achieved Music Scholarship offers from both Eltham College and Trinity School. Nicholas also gained 3rd place in the Beckenham Music Festival String Class and 1st place in the Ensemble category with his String Quartet.

Charlotte, part of my Junior Trinity class, has gained an A* for her solo performance of Vivaldi's A Minor Concerto. This is part of her Music GCSE which Charlotte is taking one year early at Junior Trinity. Also following an audition process Charlotte has gained a place in the Barbican Young Orchestra for their Easter 2014 project. The performance will take place in the Barbican Concert Hall which is the home of the London Symphony Orchestra.

Congratulations to a student from my Junior Trinity Class, who passed auditions for the highly prestigious National Childrens' Orchestra and the 'London Symphony Orchestra Next Generation Scheme'. 

In August I held our first Summer  BBQ Concert where 8 students performed pieces they had been working on in an informal setting.

2013 Summer exams

Grade 5 Distinction (12 years)
Grade 2 Distinction and Merit (10 years)
Grade 1 Distinction  (8 years)
M2 Diploma from Royal Military School of Music (22 years)

March 2013, Many Congratulations to Vivian (age 7, with 10 months of violin lessons!) who gained First Prize with Distinction and won the 'John and Olive Burren Cup' in the Stratford and East London Music Festival in the Junior String Solo Class (8 years and under)

March 2013, Namir  gained 1st Prize at the Bromley Music Festival playing with Eltham College String Group and also took part in a great side by side concert with the English String Orchestra and the Eltham College String Group.

March 2013, Lisa gained 2nd Prize with Distinction in the Stratford and East London Music Festival in the Junior String Solo age 10 Years and Under. Many congratulations for this achievement as her hard work and diligent practice regime has enabled her to go from gaining ABRSM Grade 2 Distinction to Grade 6 pieces within 18 months!! Its really shows what dedication can do!

March, 2013, Congratulation to Sonny, Dong and Nathan who played in my studio concert at the Junior London College of Music.

            February 2013, Congratulations to Nora (adult pupil) who played Schubert Sonatina In Major Op.137  in a  recital, after much hard work and practice performances. This is a culmination of several months great work. Well done!
             January 2013, Lisa gained a Music Scholarship to Colfe's School.

             November 2012, Charlie lead his family String Quartet in a performance of 'Theme and Variations on Fawlty Towers Theme' in my Studio Concert at the Junior London College of Music, a piece which he will be recording for his GCSE Practical exam.

            June 2012 Lisa Performed a Traditional Greek Folk Piece by Kozani, Live on Radio Resonance 104.4FM on Carole Finer's Sound Out programme, 
            June 2012 Exams

            Grade 3 Distinction (13 years)

            2012, Lisa, 1st Prize Stratford and East London Music Festival, Novice String Solo, Distinction.         
              2011, Lisa, Ist Prize (Merit)  Bekenham Music festival, 'Beginner Strings'.



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